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How to empower yourself to forget someone who hurt you?

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What is self-empowerment?

Did you ever feel that you are really helpless? That you really don’t feel like standing up anymore? That you really can’t have a relationship again after you got hurt and separated from your significant other?

No one is exempted from this feeling. No matter our age, we experience love and all its pitfalls. After being hurt, how do we move on after the one you loved has left you?

Have you tried self empowerment?

Self-empowerment is being on top of things. It is being in control of your life and using your power to overcome any emotional, physical, or psychological challenges you are facing.

Let us talk about this first.

What is the difference between deciding and choosing?Β 

Deciding takes different options, and when you finally decide on one option, the others no longer exist.

On the other hand, choosing keeps your options open even after arriving with one. You understand that the possibilities are existent and can be explored later on.

Now that decision and choice have been defined, let’s further understand self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment is choosing what we have in our life at present, programming our minds that our present life is actually the outcome of our choices.

For example:

Your significant other left you but wanted to stay friends. You feel hurt, and you can’t stop your tears from falling. You know there is someone else.

What will you do? How can you empower yourself and move on?

Firstly, write a list of things that disturbed you about him/her.Β 

For example:

  1. He/she doesn’t give you polite answers.Β 
  2. He/she was too flirty with other people.
  3. You didn’t feel like he/she was 100% loyal.

And the list goes on.

And then, empower yourself to make better choices by using the “I have chosen” affirmations.

Now will write the following:

  1. I HAVE CHOSEN not to be with someone who is impolite and disrespectful.
  2. I HAVE CHOSEN not to be with someone who is too flirty with other people.
  3. I HAVE CHOSEN not to be with someone who is not 100% loyal.

Read the list 5 times or as many times as you can. Read it every morning for a week or so, and every time you think about the person who hurt you.

It will not take longer to move on when we focus on making a choice. We need to fight against the idea of “making” and start acknowledging that we have the power to make that choice.

Knowing the reason behind our choices makes us empowered. When we are empowered, we come to a place of choosing.

Be in charge of your life by being empowered.

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