Transform your life in a week.

Welcome to the holistic transformational holiday, where you will transform your life positively. It’s a fun all-in, healthy, challenging, and high-energy camp. We strongly focus on resilience & life-balance coaching, group training, open-minded communication & listening to others without judgment.

Recover through a great experience of learning and disconnection in an ideal environment and with great people.

You will have continuity in the learning process once back home, thanks to the knowledge and habits of life acquired in our U-Retreat Life Transformational Camp

Camp Details

Activities: Visiting cities, enjoying Austrian nature, hiking, eating healthy, Fitness/Yoga, cooking sessions, and daily mental coaching sessions.

Accommodation: Boutique Hotel in Wels

Airport: Vienna Airport

Date: 02.09.- 08.09.2023

Our visitors start one week before arriving with our program from home, and we provide them with a plan to sustain the transformation they learned after the camp.


City of the Camp: Wels

Wels is a town in Upper Austria, on the Traun near Linz. It is the district town of Wels-Land and with around 60,000 inhabitants it is the seventh largest city in Austria.

Popular for its central location – 1.5 hours to Vienna, 1 hour to Salzburg, 2 hours to Munich. It’s a great place for shopping and a very chilled, quite small but big town. In the city you can do everything on foot..

What will be given to you during the camp:

Who should attend?

Camp Accommodation

Why should you join?



Example of Day 2

07:30-08:00 – Herbal tea/coffee / detox juice shots

08:00-09:30 – Yoga and mental coaching session

09:45-10:45 – Healthy local breakfast

11:00 – Heading to Salzburg – 1 hour

12:00-17:30 Free program in Salzburg – recommendation will be given – ME TIME

17:30-19:00 – Heading back to Wels

19:30-20:30 – Our delicious healthy dinner

20:30-21:30 – Mental coaching and relaxation session

Example of Day 3

07:30-08:00 – Herbal tea/coffee / detox juice shots

08:00-09:30 – Jogging and fitness session

09:45-10:45 – Healthy local breakfast

11:00 – Heading to Atter-see (Lake)

12:00-13:00 –  Mindful hike in the nature around the lake

13:00-17:00 – Me Time at the lake (swimming , Volleyball)

17:00 -Heading back to Wels

18:00 -19:30 Yoga and relaxation session

19:30-20:30 – Our healthy dinner

More about mental coaching:


The role of the Mental & Resilience Coach is to help you get the most out of your mind so that your mind works for you and not against you. The mental coach focuses on understanding your belief system and helps you see your options from a different perspective. The goal is to bring you to your highest level of performance and to help you live a happy, balanced life.

The coach’s role is to help you discover what life balance is, what you should be doing to relieve stress, what you should be doing to reduce your time under pressure, what you should eat to have a healthy life, how to obtain the vitamins necessary for stress reduction. What to do to sleep better. What does it take to communicate more efficiently and healthily? The coach focuses on understanding your belief system and helps you see your options from a different perspective. The goal is to encourage you to perform at your best and to help you lead a happy, balanced life.

Main Concept - Holistic Mental & Life-Balance Coaching

At U-Retreat we have a certain belief: it is impossible to achieve a state of full health without a balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Our founder: Korayem Razik combine the most proven current scientific knowledge with innovations in technology, exercises, and activities aimed at developing full cognitive potential in the Life Transformational retreats:

Through it, we combine and coordinate different disciplines to improve and enhance the life balance of our guests from a comprehensive point of view. It is the most integrative method available to achieve an optimal state of health and wellbeing.

Our method is based on: healthy nutrition, natural therapies,Β  mental and emotional health, wellbeing and inner balance, and physical performance. All of this is accompanied by learning new healthy habits through our Healthy Living Academy.

This is why we work with multiple disciplines and therapies focused on achieving physical, emotional, and mental balance.

With the help of our mental coaching, we identify internal and external factors which are creating stress and unbalance in your daily life. We then deal with your various symptoms: anger, time management, stress resistance, frustration, loss of control, difficulty relaxing, and so on.



U-Retreat is based on a healthy, energy-boosting and highly-balanced diet, inspired by ancient principles adapted to modern life.

It respects what nature has to offer at each time of the year and in each place, with a special emphasis on local, organic and seasonal food.

We contribute to healthy eating not only in the kitchen, but also at the source. At U-Retreat we have our farmers which are planting for us all ingredients naturally.

We will have living classroom for our guests to discover the importance of what they eat and how it influences their health and the ecosystem.

You will learn new healthy eating habits to optimise natural detoxification.

We have a wide selection of medicinal herbal teas and freshly-prepared 100% natural juices prescribed by our nutritional consultants to help you achieve your health goals. Our range of therapeutic beverages includes teas and herbal teas, juices and smoothies to suit all tastes.

Our nutrition team amazes us by creating healthy, delicious desserts made with 100% organic ingredients. They don’t contain sugar, dairy, egg or gluten, and avoid chemical additives and artificial colouring. Our desserts look fantastic, and are healthy and guilt-free.

The goal of our therapeutic breakfasts is to boost the immune system, neutralise free radicals, improve mood and provide vitality. They are balanced breakfasts, free of ingredients such as sugar, dairy, egg and gluten.

At the end of the stay, our nutritional consultants share a set of personalised recommendations: natural therapies, diet, supplements and healthy lifestyle habits, based on the initial check-up conducted for each guest.

Example of breakfast

Oats / Chia pudding & Omlette

Example of dinner

Pumpkin soup or Green soup with zucchini and broccoli

Homemade tortillas with carrot, onion, and parsley, filled with curry lentil, carrot, and zucchini, cheese and sour cream sauce/salsa and Curcuma sauce, and fresh veggies for filling (paprika, cherry,onion, lamb’s lettuce, salad)

Homemade healthy bread

Example of dessert

Chocolate raw balls (almond,coconut,sunflower,honey,cranberry)

Cocoa with strawberry or forest fruits topping


An ideal session for practising daily stretching that helps to prevent loss of muscle mass, and improves flexibility and the range of movement in the join

Our team of certified professionals has extensive knowledge and experience in creating made-to-measure physical fitness programs that are designed to suit the needs of each guest.

At the end of the stay, We encourage you to continue these good habits at home. To do so, our personal trainers design an exercise routine for the 30 days following your stay. This allows for continued progress, further improvement of the state of health, and the achievement of fitness and wellness goals.

Our Team

Korayem: Mental Coach
Enji Sabbagh: Spiritual & Life Coach
Stefanie: Movement Trainer
Laura and Ines: Veganwirtinnen - Nutrition Trainer

An online payment link will be sent Β to you

Price for one person in a triple room: 1690 Euro — 3 people should book together = 5070 Euro

Price for one person in a double room: 1850 Euro — 2 people should book together = 3700 EuroΒ 

Price for one person in a single room: 1990 Euro

Booking and Cancellation policy:

40% in advance by booking

60% to be transferred – 12 weeks before the camp start and a letter will be sent as a confirmation from our reservation partner to the travelers to get their visas which is enough time

No Refund for the advanced payment of 40% – if canceled 8 weeks before the retreat the 60% will be paid back, No fees to be returned after receiving the visa letter. Visa letter to be received when the whole amount is paid – your 60 % will be returned in case you didn’t get the visa … until 4 weeks before the trip

In case of any covid traveling restriction – the whole amount will be refunded (minus 10% of the total amount)

The minimum number who should attend: 15 – maximum 20


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