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About U-Retreat

Ready for your life changing experience?

U-Retreat is an Austrian life transformational organization founded by Korayem Razik in Feb 2019, with a goal of making this world a healthier, more resilient, and happier place.


We are here to change your life while helping you transform your habits and live a more healthy and resilient life. We are creating life transformational training programs and retreats – online and in different magical places worldwide to help everyone transform from home. We also offer online mental training sessions. We are happy to help you on your journey of being the best version of yourself! We will show you how you could lead a healthy and relaxed life.

By joining our life-changing retreat and with the help of our leading international coaches, you will develop a deep understanding on the following:

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Dear Yoga Teachers, Trainers,

Imagine to take out all the stress of organizing a retreat. U-Retreat offers a full planning service from beginning to end.

A retreat is all about getting away from it all to rest and rejuvenate, but planning a retreat can be a time-consuming, stressful job. We will help with every aspect of your retreat, so all you need to do is relax and immerse yourself in the experience.

Our prices are fully inclusive of the whole retreat experience, including transportation to the retreat location, accommodation, activities, yoga teachers and guides, meals and more. We can also help you arrange your flight through our travel partner (flights not included in the package).Β We offer retreats in some of the most beautiful, tranquil places in Europe and the Middle East.

Our concept can support everyone further to relax and transform as our retreats give the right atmosphere and tools for it.

About Us

Launched in February 2019,Β U-Retreat is a platform that helps teachers, leaders, families, companies and trainers to organize their own retreats. We offer:

  • Exclusive retreat locations. Here is just a small selection of the houses and villas we have available. We offer a much wider selection on request. Every retreat location is audited for quality every three months and only available through U-Retreat.
  • Daily activities specific to the location of your retreat.
  • Private chefs who can customize meals to suit any dietary preferences, as well as evening cooking workshops for retreat guests.
  • U-Retreat representatives who know the location of your retreat inside and out and are always on hand to ensure things are running smoothly.
  • Marketing of your retreat on our platform and social media

What Sets Us Apart?

U-Retreat is all about going places to you’ve never been before β€” physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


Our retreats aren’t ‘commercial’, and if you’re looking for a typical corporate breakaway with a bit of yoga thrown in on the side, we might not be the right fit for you.Β We organize a limited number of retreats each year to ensure we maintain the highest quality experiences for our guests.

All retreat locations are hand-picked and exclusive to U-Retreat.

Absolutely yes, it was such a wornderful experience. I never thought it was possible to connect in such a deep level in an online retreat. THANK YOU to the team, I learned a lot!
Anna GR
Yogi / retreat@home
Lovely and nice experience!!!
Highly recommended.
Thanks for the great team.
Aya Almarsafawi
Yogi / retreat@home
Highly recommend it !! I loved the online retreat, never thought I would be that connected. Enjoyed the session specially the Mental Training session. Besides, I had so much fun cooking plant based food and they turned out delicious. Also the yoga sessions and to commit to wake up early to start the day right and meditate. Thank you for such great opportunity and this Amazing team ❀️
Basma Hatem
Yogi / retreat@home
Amazing team and an amazing experience connecting with people from all over the world. Being part of this retreat, I experienced stable energy levels throughout and to top it all off, I felt so much healthier coming out of it than going in. Physically stronger and more flexible, body nourished with healthy food and mind calmed. Thank you for this experience!
Hadil Maher
Yogi / retreat@home
I just finished my online retreat and I never thought it would be this great it was beyond my expectations. everything was just perfect .. amazing team .. amazing instructors .. I feel so blessed joining this program! It's a life changing experience and highly recommend it to everyone.
Nada El Khouly
Yogi / retreat@home
Their online Yoga Retreat is just amazing! Great yoga teachers offering different styles and a wonderful mental training with Manuela! The plant based cooking sessions with Petra were also very fun and informative - and of course, delicious! I'd recommend it to everyone who's looking for a relaxing and self-discovering time! πŸ™‚ Thank you!
Livia G. Miranda
Yogi / retreat@home
I was very grateful to try such a wonderful experience. I had so much fun by connecting with people from all over the world and trying many types of yoga in 2 days only. Also, I learn a lot about mental training and meditation. Last but not least i tried a delicious plant based meal. Thank you to the amazing team ❀️ I highly recommend it to everyone.
Farah El Shamy
Yogi / retreat@home

Meet Our Waves

Lear more about the 5 different states of waves we passing through in our retreats.

1. BETA (14-40Hz)


This is where the consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning takes place. They are responsible for the stress, anxiety and restlessness which we could get, that’s why we try to avoid them during retreats and thats how we helping teachers and students through our locations with a schedule to avoid them.


2. ALPHA (7.5-15HZ)


Alpha brain waves are present over daydreaming. They could also come through meditation. The optimal time for success, creativity, happiness, learning and concentration. Actually It’s the door to our subconscious mind, this happens when we get close to the 7.5 Hz, where the Theta waves are.


3. THETA (4-7.5HZ)


This happens during meditation and light sleep, it’s where your subconsciousness lives. It’s only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake from deep sleep (from Delta). Meditations and spiritual connections happen at Theta. It is at the Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, where we are aiming to get in our retreat and this is where we can all learn and relax perfectly.


4. DELTA (0.5-4HZ)


The Delta frequency appears while sleeping and through transcendental meditation.


5. GAMMA >40HZ


At 40Hz and above, the Gamma wave is the fastest frequency. While little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

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