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Why could the way we dress help us improve our mental health?

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I am personally very into fashion and wearing things that are not mainstream; I like to wear unique items and send messages through my clothes or t-shirts.

What I wear should be simple but trendy and unique.Β That’s why I started my fashion brand. A mental coach with a fashion brand?

Yes, let me explain the relationship between fashion and mental health.Β Click here to have a look at our shop.

We all are taking care of ourselves and practicing self-love differently. So self-love is not the same for each one of us, but we all agree that this is the only way that makes us have a healthy life and balanced mental state.

Self-love is the essential part that will help us have a balanced mental state. Loving yourself is not about having fears to do things to protect yourself or being afraid of what could happen, but it’s about having the courage to do something and being out of your comfort zone sometimes.

Self-love is mainly about how you appreciate yourself in the right way. Support your growth, not only in your career but in every segment of your life.

Self-love is not putting others 1st. It’s about putting yourself and your well-being 1st. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve.

We all have a dedicated amount of energy that we are always recharging and living from, and dealing with negativity or emotionally-draining relationships can deplete it.

When you keep this in mind, you will understand how important it is to do things that make you happy and recharge your energy.

It is also important to spread positive vibes, which means speaking about positive things and also making other people aware of how important mental health is.

These positive vibes you are spreading will empower you and will make you stronger and stronger every day, not only because of the message, it’s because of the positivity which you are reflecting from what you are wearing to others.

A lot of teachers and coaches decided to wear our t-shirts and spread more positivity around.Β Click here to have a look at our shop.

We will always have new designs and new messages to the world every week, ready to be sent to you wherever you are all over the world.

Our cut is very modern and trendy, and we are following the best trending fashion lines worldwide, so enjoy having great comfortable clothes and also send positive vibes only to the people around you.

Enjoy it.

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