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Transform In A Weekend

Retreat @ Home


21 -
23 May, 2021
Do you want to take control over your future? Live more healthy, relaxed and fulfilled life? Find real love for yourself? If this sounds like you, you are in the right place!

This online escape offers you the opportunity to dive into your yoga journey, change your habits and transform your life. After our retreat you will have all the tools that will help you achieve a healthy, happy, relaxed and focused life! It will expand your horizons with knowledge about yoga, meditation, plant based nutrition and cooking. It will also help you to reach your goals and to get rid of beliefs that limit you. You have the opportunity to prepare plant based meals in a small group together with our green chefs and to ask them questions about plant based nutrition. All that and much more!Β 

Furthermore, you will practice yoga and meditation twice a day – perfect time to unwind from the busy everyday. From our mental trainers you will receive exercises and tips on how you can fully regain your power through your mental strength. The group of participants remains the same throughout the retreat, creating a familiar atmosphere. These three days are packed with knowledge, connectivity, practical exercises, meditations, yoga and, above all, a lot of love.

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Your Teacher

Bernadette has been a yoga teacher since 2011. She is a true adventurer having travelled to many places around the world and completed training in Bali, America and Europe. Her focus is on the right alignment of the body during physical practices. She worked in the social field for many years and during this time she realized that the body is a true miracle. However, this miracle needs a lot of focus and attention in order to stay healthy and vibrant. Bernadette founded her own Yoga Studio in Graz, Austria in 2015, which she later sold in 2018. She too had to feel what it means to overwork and forget one’s own needs. After many trips and daily physical activities such as surfing, yoga and running, sport made her realize that life should be fun!

Bernadette will show you the joy of moving your body and what a great feeling it is to sweat, relax and visualize, and especially how good your body will feel after the practice together!

Led by our passionate and experienced teacher Bernadette, you will start your day the right way β€” immersing yourself in a dynamic yoga and morning meditation. After the morning yoga, you will participate in an online cooking class with one of our green chefs who will show you how to make a healthy and delicious breakfast. You can discuss healthy food and nutrition with them and ask as many questions as you have! Breakfast is followed by a mental training session with our coaches where you will receive valuable tools to help you use your mental strength and take control over your life. Fuel your body with a quick and healthy snack after our mental training and join a sharing circle with likeminded people. After sharing, take a moment for reflection and β€œalone time” before your evening yoga session, usually a more gentle one. Join again one of our chefs preparing a plant based dinner with fresh and wholesome ingredients to restore your body after the practice. Before going to sleep, you will receive a suggestion on what movie to watch that evening.

The classes are open to all levels and will include variations to let everyone stay at pace with the flow

Your Mental Training

Our mental trainers will lead you on the path of finding your inner power and strength. You will do 3 sessions with our mental trainer Manuela, and she will give you all the tools you need for being the best version of yourself! You will work on realizing, setting, and working towards your goals. She will also support you in creating your empowering statements, transforming your habits and leaving your limiting beliefs behind. You will work on loving yourself, realizing your powers and strengths, but also using them in your daily life. You will leave this retreat with a lot of insight about yourself and with all needed tools that will help you reach your goals!

Your Nutrition

Our U-Retreat chef will design and create delicious and healthy meals, while inspiring you to reconnect with your own passion for food. Anna has created simple, healthy and wholesome dishes to nurture all your senses, elevate your mind and feed your body. She will teach you simple tricks and food combinations and you will learn the basics of plant based nutrition. Our green chef will welcome you with a hot drink followed by a delicious breakfast. You will immerse yourself in the making of soups, desserts, healthy snacks and much more. Our days end with a healthy and light dinner.

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Included In Your Retreat

Ticket Prices

Full Package

for only€ 200 / person
Full Retreat Weekend
Transformational plan (before & after the retreat)

Day Pass

for only€ 149 / person
Single Day Pass
Saturday Agenda

Payment Conditions:
Regular Booking: full payment in advance

Cancellation Conditions:
In case of customer cancellation no later than 1 week before the start of the Event the whole amount will be refunded. In case of later customer cancellations, a refund is no longer possible for organizational reasons. non-attendance of the Event does not entitle the customer to a refund.Β All cancellations must be sent to the following e-mail address: By transferring the refund back, the bank costs will be paid by the guest and not carried by U-Retreat unless in the event that the retreat is cancelled by the host, a full refund will be made to the customer and U-retreat will bear the bank transfer costs.


Retreat Agenda

Timezone: GMT+2 (Central European Time)