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We, at retreat@home are offering you a unique opportunity to have transformative experiences at all levels of your being. With retreat@home we help you to transform positively. What do you want to change about your life? Why are you not living your best life possible? Why are you not being the best version of yourself? Dare to dream big! Β Join us for a fully online retreat, the first of its kind worldwide, led by retreat experts – it’s a holistic complete real-live retreat, It’s a real retreat without flying away and sleeping in another bed than yours.

Our retreat@home experience will allow you to:

" It is the first retreat of its kind, a fully online escape, that helps you build a healthy mind, body and soul."

You will get to know our international coaches and teachers personally closely without having to leave your own living room!

The special thing about our retreat is that you can comfortably participate in all sessions from the comfort of your own home. All of our sessions will be led in English to accommodate our international audience. Start your day with a guided meditation and complete yoga practice led by experienced teachers from around the globe.

Follow your morning practice with educational sessions on mental health. Discover the true overwhelming power of your mind and how it can be overcome to achieve your own goals and visions. You will have the chance to improve your mental strength in small, familiar groups. Our experienced mental health practitioners will offer you valuable mental health tips that will help you on your journey towards a healthy, positive mindset.

Our green chefs will be on point to answer all of your questions about plant-based nutrition. They will teach you how to cook healthy food on your own, and be your own nutritional guru. Do not miss this unique opportunity to be the best version of yourself!Β We look forward to sharing this powerful, transformational experience with you!

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Each session is conducted live and led by international experts in yoga, meditation, nutrition and mental health!

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Absolutely yes, it was such a wornderful experience. I never thought it was possible to connect in such a deep level in an online retreat. THANK YOU to the team, I learned a lot!
Anna GR
Yogi / retreat@home
Lovely and nice experience!!!
Highly recommended.
Thanks for the great team.
Aya Almarsafawi
Yogi / retreat@home
Highly recommend it !! I loved the online retreat, never thought I would be that connected. Enjoyed the session specially the Mental Training session. Besides, I had so much fun cooking plant based food and they turned out delicious. Also the yoga sessions and to commit to wake up early to start the day right and meditate. Thank you for such great opportunity and this Amazing team ❀️
Basma Hatem
Yogi / retreat@home
Amazing team and an amazing experience connecting with people from all over the world. Being part of this retreat, I experienced stable energy levels throughout and to top it all off, I felt so much healthier coming out of it than going in. Physically stronger and more flexible, body nourished with healthy food and mind calmed. Thank you for this experience!
Hadil Maher
Yogi / retreat@home
I just finished my online retreat and I never thought it would be this great it was beyond my expectations. everything was just perfect .. amazing team .. amazing instructors .. I feel so blessed joining this program! It's a life changing experience and highly recommend it to everyone.
Nada El Khouly
Yogi / retreat@home
Their online Yoga Retreat is just amazing! Great yoga teachers offering different styles and a wonderful mental training with Manuela! The plant based cooking sessions with Petra were also very fun and informative - and of course, delicious! I'd recommend it to everyone who's looking for a relaxing and self-discovering time! πŸ™‚ Thank you!
Livia G. Miranda
Yogi / retreat@home
I was very grateful to try such a wonderful experience. I had so much fun by connecting with people from all over the world and trying many types of yoga in 2 days only. Also, I learn a lot about mental training and meditation. Last but not least i tried a delicious plant based meal. Thank you to the amazing team ❀️ I highly recommend it to everyone.
Farah El Shamy
Yogi / retreat@home

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Frequently Asked Questions


Just go to the retreat you like and click on β€œMAKE A RESERVATION” – fill up the details required and click on the β€œSUBMIT BOOKING & PAY NOW” – button. In the confirmation window you can complete the payment or we will send you a PayPal link to pay! You will already be on our guest list.

To join our insightful retreat@home, you will need a good stable internet connection and one of the following options:

A laptop or PC with a webcam and a microphone
A mobile phone (smartphone)

We use for hosting our webinars! A secure online conference tool, to keep us connected throughout our webinar session.
There will be no additional registration charge for you to attend. The basis version is FREE.

  • A good understanding of the English language
  • A quiet and calm space in your home or elsewhere
  • A yoga mat
  • The list of ingredients required for cooking. The details will be sent to you a week before the retreat.
  • A good mixer in your kitchen
  • A good Internet connection

Yes, sure! Only the camera should be open during the welcome and closing ceremony and certainly recommended when the teacher or speaker asks you to during the retreat.

Yes, sure! Only each participant needs to have her/his own registration and payment.

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Register for our live online retreat! Enjoy our holistic healthy space and start the process of life transformation with us.

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Iyengar Yoga.

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Jivamukti Yoga.

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