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Your Life

We help you live a healthy & resilient life through life transformational coaching, trainings & programs

Your Life

We help you live a healthy & resilient life through life transformational coaching, trainings & programs
Movement & Balance
Mental Coaching
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Mental Coaching

If you think it is time to transform yourself with what you value most in your life, you are at the very right place. Our online mental training will help you improve many areas of your life. Our mission is to analyse, guide and finally help you change your life to a positive way through nutrition, mental training and some selected activities.


U-Retreat supports you in becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself. We do this by helping you create healthy habits and transforming your mindset. Retreats in beautiful places around the world, that will help you change your life. Our vision is to help everyone live the best version of themselves, and we will teach you how to live a healthy, relaxed and happy life.

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Our Testimonials

I could not be more grateful for such an amazing retreat experience. I feel lucky to have been part of it. Looking forward to more! ❀️ Thank you Korayem.
I had a great experience with U-Retreat. I enjoyed every day of it. Met wonderful people and did yoga on an amazing island. The organizers are super kind and professional. I'm definitely joining them again.
A dedicated team that would do anything to make out stay as comfortable as possible, thank you for all your efforts and looking forward for next year’s retreat
Amina El Sharkawi
I came home fully recharged, with heart full of joy and gratitude for magical weekend spent with U-Retreat. Everything was perfect, Austrian paradise, delicious food, creative and remarkably leaded classes and meditation. It was like a dream.
Great location...felt like a very luxurious home, nice people, always the option to stay on your own or to be sociable, inspiring Yoga teacher- very natural, well organized, great food...didn't want to go home πŸ˜‰ Thank you!
I just loved the location: rolling mountains, blue lake and soothing nature is surrounding you. And the food was just marvellous!
It was a wonderful day. Katrin was a wonderful yogateacher. The group was fantastic. Thank you for the very nice and relaxing day.
Rosi & Silvia
Our Reconnect yoga retreat was incredible. All of the food was delicious and healthy, the yoga was challenging but gratifying, and all of the people were absolutely lovely. My wife and I left feeling so relaxed and renewed in so many ways. Thank you, U-Retreat!
It was a pleasure to do the yoga classes, to enjoy the beautiful location and the engagement of the whole URetreat Team. I hope we will see us again next year!
This retreat was wonderful! Everyone I met was so lovely and kind! The setting was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the yoga classes were excellent. I had an absolutely perfect experience with U-Retreat!
My sessions with Korayem were very helpful. His approach is very contemporary and inclusive, considering all aspects of well-being. From session one, I was able to analyse my situation with clarity and I started to get curious about my options. With his sessions, I started my journey into self-acceptance, which for me, has been my key to happiness. Thank you Korayem.
Absolutely yes, it was such a wornderful experience. I never thought it was possible to connect in such a deep level in an online retreat. THANK YOU to the team, I learned a lot!
Anna GR
Lovely and nice experience!!!
Highly recommended.
Thanks for the great team.
Aya Almarsafawi
Highly recommend it !! I loved the online retreat, never thought I would be that connected. Enjoyed the session specially the Mental Training session. Besides, I had so much fun cooking plant based food and they turned out delicious. Also the yoga sessions and to commit to wake up early to start the day right and meditate. Thank you for such great opportunity and this Amazing team ❀️
Basma Hatem
Amazing team and an amazing experience connecting with people from all over the world. Being part of this retreat, I experienced stable energy levels throughout and to top it all off, I felt so much healthier coming out of it than going in. Physically stronger and more flexible, body nourished with healthy food and mind calmed. Thank you for this experience!
Hadil Maher
I just finished my online retreat and I never thought it would be this great it was beyond my expectations. everything was just perfect .. amazing team .. amazing instructors .. I feel so blessed joining this program! It's a life changing experience and highly recommend it to everyone.
Nada El Khouly
Their online Yoga Retreat is just amazing! Great yoga teachers offering different styles and a wonderful mental training with Manuela! The plant based cooking sessions with Petra were also very fun and informative - and of course, delicious! I'd recommend it to everyone who's looking for a relaxing and self-discovering time! πŸ™‚ Thank you!
Livia G. Miranda
I was very grateful to try such a wonderful experience. I had so much fun by connecting with people from all over the world and trying many types of yoga in 2 days only. Also, I learn a lot about mental training and meditation. Last but not least i tried a delicious plant based meal. Thank you to the amazing team ❀️ I highly recommend it to everyone.
Farah El Shamy

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